Monday, November 19, 2007

I never thought I'd say this but...THANK YOU, Microsoft

Microsoft Announces that "click to activate" will be removed from IE effective April, 2008.

I've only wasted countless hours over 2 years of my life bothering with this stupid patent lawsuit fallout issue, and now that the general public of mediocre web designers have finally figured out what they need to do (or upgraded Dreamweaver) to get around it, it's not a necessity any more. Bah.

Nevertheless, it's nice to see M$ making a good choice. And I found it a little humorous that the reason they cite for making this change is "As a result of recent technology licenses acquired." Haha, I can just imagine the back office conversation: "What, they want to sue us for supporting embedded objects? Hell, just buy the damn company already!"

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Wargoo said...

that made me so happy. i think i'm going to actually cry now.