Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Sorry about the super geek-cliche title. I just wanted to make a quick post about the fact that my blog will soon have a point! I've been wallowing about posting on random topics over the past few months, hoping that a theme would emerge. I've drafted several posts and not actually posted them, because I was trying to decide if they are relevant to the purpose my blog does not yet have. Well, now I can say that with some thinking and Adam's strong urging, I've decided that my primary focus will be on the designer-developer, something I am intimately familiar with.

Being a designer and a developer, a front-to-back website or application creator is fun and challenging. I've asked myself many times if I should focus on one more heavily than the other, but it's so hard to choose. Ultimately, I think that being able to do both can be of immense value in many situations (at least my current employer seems to think so), so I'm going to work to promote a diverse skill set and to provide resources that help designer-developers grow in both directions.

Stay tuned!

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