Friday, April 6, 2007

Dreamweaver Extensions for Model-Glue XML (and FB and M-ii)

On a couple of occasions I have thought that someone needs to write a Dreamweaver extension for ModelGlue, as well as the other frameworks, especially a tag library (and a file browser/inspector wouldn't hurt - those ModelGlue.xml files can get long...). I can't tell you how many times I've habitually hit ENTER after typing "na..." to add a name attribute, which auto-completes in CF but not for XML.

Well at least there is a solution to my first desire! The ever-productive Massimo Foti has a series of Dreamweaver tag libraries for the popular frameworks. They can be found on The site seems to have a thing against deep linking, but you can find the .mxp file downloads under the Dreamweaver > ColdFusion section.

Thank you, Massimo!

(now I just need to find a file inspector, perhaps any good XML one would work...)

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