Thursday, April 19, 2007

cf_drama and fake Prada bags

There's been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere this week having to do with sniping between Adobe and New Atlanta/BlueDragon. I'm getting really sick of hearing about it, particularly because I'm very close to one side of the argument (if you know me, you already know who). I've followed along and sided with Adobe because, well, my entire career revolves around using Adobe products, I love them, I love ColdFusion and I hate imitations. Frankly I don't know how some people at New Atlanta can sleep at night when their flagship product is a rip off. But seriously folks, all this ranting is not worth it.

Do you think that Prada cares about the street vendors peddling knock-offs of their bags?
As a successful and well respected brand, they continue to produce innovative and sophisticated fashion without looking over their shoulder at a tiny portion of the market share that's going to some random guy on the street (or some overseas producer of such products). Sure, a Prada designer might not like walking down the street and seeing a cheap imitation of a bag they designed last year selling for $30, but they aren't worried for their livelihood. Besides, anyone who buys one of those fake bags probably wasn't in the market for a real one to begin with.

The last nail in the coffin that made me waste my time posting a blog entry about this was reading the article that is being attributed as the source of much of this drama:

What a totally lame article! It was barely coherent. What hostility some disreputable reporter attempted to conjure up was just an attempt to turn vapor-rumors into a good story. Since said reporter utterly failed on that, had we all left it alone, the only time wasted would have been his own. The media does it again.

PS. For the record, I believe that Adrock's (honk if you don't know who that is) statement drawing similarities between buyers of BD and buyers of fOakleys was scarily true. Think about it.

PSS. Sorry for making such a useless post. I had fun writing it.

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pleasures said...

It would be a disaster to have a fake Prada bag. All the pleasure of showing it off would be gone!