Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hosting, the Happy Ending

Last weekend I completed the process of moving my site to Edge Web Hosting. It was the quickest, easiest, smoothest host move I've ever experienced. While in large part I believe this is actually due to my use of the ModelGlue framework which resulted in centralized configuration that takes minutes to update, I also have Edge to thank for getting my database moved before I even had my files uploaded.

I'm already liking several things about my new host. For one, their emails don't get automatically blocked by our office email firewall (more our mail host issue than the web host, but convenient nonetheless). They are also less restrictive on site settings - they configure the server for CFMAIL from the sandbox so I don't have to pass a server or password within my CFMAIL tags. Nice! The only tags they limit are CFREGISTRY and CFEXECUTE. At any rate, they have completely absolved me of any hesitation or anxiety that I had about moving off HostMySite.

Yesterday while attending the Air Tour I got an email notification from HostMySite that they would be upgrading my (new) CF7 Server (the one they moved me to given the issues we had) to CF8 this week. Instead of panicking, I just breathed a big sigh of relief that our site was moved and hell would not be repeating itself this week.

1 comment:

Owner said...

How's the transfer rate? I should try your web host. I also like to move my site to another webhost, its down. Thanks for sharing your story. Keep it up. ;)


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