Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl Commercial Favorites

This would not be a marketer's blog without a recap of Super Bowl ads! The beer commercials were as funny as ever, but I still found the commercials overall to be a little disappointing. I liked the Bud "slap" ad, it was just plain funny.

My favorites this year were still the ads (good follow up to last year's monkeys - I still laugh at those), they hit home and are still entertaining, especially the "promotions pit". Surprisingly absent were the Movie trailers, I think there was only one or two (at least that I caught).

Some of the better-produced ads (like the Coca Cola one) were old and have been seen plenty before, so they weren't of much interest. The people at my Super Bowl party collectively gagged over the Ford commericals - how many car-parts-coming-together ads do you need?

The Snickers one that seems to be creating a lot of controversy or disgust was not nearly as disgusting to me as the Doritos checkout-line ad. Speaking of Dorito's, I thought their better one was the fan-produced "live the flavor" ad. It seemed rough around the edges, and later I found out why, but still a very good commercial.

Carlos Mencia's Bud ad was mildly funny, but I just don't like Carlos Mencia that much. Taco Bell's Steak Grilled Taquitos with the lions was pretty random. The K-Fed Nationwide ad would have been a lot funnier if I hadn't already seen it! As much as I can't stand the guy, I have to give him credit for doing it.

I hear that Revlon put a lot on the line buying an entire 60 second block for their Colorist commerical, which was rather anti-climactic, entertainment-wise. Still, it made me think again about using off the shelf hair color, so perhaps it might have worked. There's always that debate - sure it's entertaining, but will it work? I'd be interested in hearing their results.

See them all here.

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