Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pink Like My Drink

So... I've waited long enough to start this blog. Like most web developers/designers (I would guess), for a long time I thought it was silly or even wrong to not code my blog myself. Shouldn't it be my personal code and graphic playground? But about a year after first thinking that I should start a blog (late to the trend party as always--but never late for anything else), I still haven't written a lick of code, and a few feeble design beginnings sit idly in My Documents.

Then I remember that I do this all day, every day, at why would I want to come home and do it on my personal time too? Sure, I read big fat tech books and even have been known to do some work after hours, so it's not entirely out of character. But for now, this most excellent pre-fab blogging tool will do just fine, and eventually I might get around to writing some of my own code. Someday.

Adam will get over his hurt.

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